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May 24, 2011 / Dr. Toad

Crow Planet

Last night, Lyanda Lynn Haupt read from her book Crow Planet at the Elliot Bay Book Company to celebrate the new paperback edition, published by Little, Brown and Co. Haupt is a West Seattle-based naturalist and award-winning writer. And the reading was less of a reading and more of a very animated talk about writing the book and of course about crows, their intelligence and complex social life, our relationship with them, what to do and not do when you encounter an injured bird (don’t try to care for it, put it in its nest if you can or somewhere high up out of harm’s way), and the perils and joys of naming wild creatures.

This video is from a 2009 reading:

After her talk, Haupt also confirmed my suspicion that thinking crows could help locate terrorists is a bit of a stretch. As much of a stretch, I think, as the research into their collective memories and learning transmission is fascinating (video interview with John Marzluff — 28 min).

What say you?

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