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June 7, 2011 / Dr. Toad

Sometimes New York is better than Seattle

Last week was the World Science Festival in New York. Oh my! If you have a lot of time to kill, watch these videos about consciousness, sleep, warp drives, music instincts, magnets, speech, religion in the brain, new particles, general relativity, and the superfrog.

Update: I removed the link to the superfrog talk because I couldn’t actually listen to it long enough to get to the frog part. I suppose the beginning (or the entire talk? I wouldn’t know) was meant to be a humorous tale of the kinds of human environments that one must wade through to get to the frog habitat, but it rubbed me the wrong way. I thought it was condescending and uninsightful: just a bunch of predictable anecdotes of drinking and salacious behavior by people who are oh so alien to the bearded middle-class white man who gives the talk. I apologize for linking before actually taking the time to listen to the thing. Too bad — the killer frog looks exciting.


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