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September 6, 2011 / Dr. Toad

Recommended Today — Sept 6, 2011

Tonight at 7:30pm Christof Koch talks informally about the science of consciousness at the Queen Anne Science Cafe in TS McHugh’s, Seattle (map) while you drink and ask questions. Free.

Christof Koch has been studying neural correlates of consciousness for decades, including in collaboration with Francis Crick. He moved to Seattle a few months ago to head the scientific operations at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. I hear he wants to establish an observatory of the brain there — a high-throughput imaging and cortical coding facility where you can point the microscope at any part of the brain to a single neuron and observe all of its connections and behavior.

How is it possible to scientifically study such an acutely subjective phenomenon as consciousness? Go to TS McHugh’s and ask Christof Koch. I wish I could say I’ll see you there, but I will be out of town again.

Part of a much longer interview from 2006 by Harry Kreisler.


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