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September 30, 2011 / Dr. Toad

My favorite IgNobel winners

This year the lineup is pretty amazing as always.

The ideal density of airborne wasabi to be used as a fire alarm won the Chemistry Prize. Potentially pretty useful if you ask me.

Structured procrastination gets its due in the form of the Literature Prize. Believe me, I tried doing that, but there were just too many distractions.

The Mathematics Prize was shared by an eyebrow raising number of people who have predicted that the world would end in 1954, 1984, 1990, 1992, 1999, and 2011. By induction, shouldn’t we stop paying attention to the next vocal “end-is-nigh”-er?

And the Peace Prize, going to Lithuania again after 10 years, to a mayor who combats illegal parking of luxury cars by driving over them with a tank. Nothing to add here really. Except that all the attention has brought down the city of Vilnius web server.

No plans for a rainy Saturday? Watch the entire 2+-hour IgNobel prize ceremony online.

What say you?

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