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January 17, 2012 / Dr. Toad

Seattle NerdNite FTW!

Last night I went to my first Seattle NerdNite and it was awesome. And I’m not only saying that because Kyle O’Neill had the audience scream ‘I am awesome!’ as soon as he was on stage.

This curious man is not Kyle O'Neill.

LUCID was full of friendly and cool young nerds, with a sweet networking/cruising vibe going on, perhaps as a result of a speed-dating meetup that was happening in the same cozy space during the happy hour before the talks.

UW Aero-Astro grad student Kristina Wang gave us all the ammo we’d need were we ever to encounter a Moon landing hoax-er. Here she is demonstrating what happens to photographs as you increase exposure (and my photo demos what happens if you don’t know how to set exposure correctly inside a dim bar).

Kristine Wang -- Moon landing hoax hoax

There was also talk of lack of thruster wells, of shadow angles and of radiation. And then, Kyle O’Neill wrangled occasionally pretty hilarious improv from the audience, while giving away the tricks of the trade.

Julia and Ross — the “bosses” as they like to call themselves of Seattle NerdNite — only moved here back in September from Boston, the cradle of nerddom and NerdNite. Finding Seattle full of nerds but lacking in organized awesomeness, they started hosting immediately, and to great effect. Last night they were even distributing free copies of the newly minted Issue 1 of NerdNite magazine, which was surprisingly really good. Sadly, I spilled a drink on mine and left it at the bar.

A Seattle nerd (me)

The next night on Feb 20th (it’s always on the 3rd Monday of the month) will feature a vaguely Valentine’s theme, and I’ll be there if I can help it! They promise us a talk on “Initial Attraction” and something about nerds and boobs. Here’s Ross with next month’s speaker Jessica aka JoJo Stiletto and last night’s speaker Kristina Wang.

Ross, Jessica and Kristina

See you next time!

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