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Dr. Toad is Paulina Varshavskaya — a transplant to the Pacific Northwest with a PhD in Computer Science and an interest in local shenanigans. This blog brings you the latest and best of the science that’s happening here and around the world, as opined by Dr. Toad, warts and all.

Things you may find here:

  • A calendar of science-related events in and around Seattle WA
  • Reviews of events attended by Dr. Toad
  • Posts about recent and/or important experiments, discoveries and arguments
  • Opinions on matters of science, engineering, technology and society
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. get reading!
  • Robots

Everything here is solely my opinion and doesn’t in any way reflect the views of my employer.

Tell me what you think, eh? (Dr. Toad can be reached by emailing

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