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July 11, 2011 / Dr. Toad

Your Wednesdays are booked

I’ve just updated the calendar and the current seminar series page to include more and better events. Which brings up an interesting question. Why does everything happen on Wednesday night?

One exception is the new “distinguished young scientists” series at the UW Department of Chemical Engineering, which happens starting today on Mondays at 4pm. Unfortunately, these talks will probably be very technical and geared towards chemical engineering graduate students.

On the other hand, mark your calendars now for a talk by James Watson, of Watson and Crick, one of the discoverers of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953, and no stranger to controversy, both in scientific conduct and personal opinion. By the way, “no stranger to controversy” is PC-speak for bashing Rosalind Franklin and arguing that black people are less intelligent. The talk will be on Wednesday (of course!), July 27th at 3:30pm in the Health Sciences building on UW Campus Seattle.

What say you?

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