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December 14, 2011 / Dr. Toad

100 years of South Pole

100 years ago today Roald Amundsen‘s expedition became the first to reach the South Pole. They used sled dogs, then they ate them. They made it back. A rival attempt by Robert Falcon Scott‘s party was successful just over a month later in January 1912, but all perished on their way back.

Amundsen's expedition with tent on South Pole

Amunden's expedition on the South Pole

Today you can fly to the South Pole from Cape Town or Punta Arenas for $40,000. Or you can grab a buddy and ski unassisted across the entire Antarctic continent.

My friend Kat Huybers is in Antarctica right now. She’s a glaciologist at UW, there with a small team of scientists, now waiting to be flown to the Pensacola mountains where they will camp on ice for 30+ days to study the glacial history of the place.

Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica

Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica

Wishing them and all those braving the elements for science a safe passage and a safe return home.

What say you?

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